The 16 Bar is a unique resource for Actors and Singers. We offer a selection of 16 Bar songs for audition purposes. Our library is constantly growing, and our ears are always open to new suggestions.

  • Have you ever needed a particular clip of a song for an audition but could not find it in a sheet music store or even online?

  • Do you have problems finding the perfect clip for calls that require more specific genres (Rock, Country, Gershwin, etc.)

  • Are you performing the same exact song as all the other actors?

Here at the 16 Bar, we have answers for all those problems. Feel free to peruse our library and find current and fresh music that suits your needs.


Please visit our Custom Sheet Music Site for clips longer than 16 or 32 bars.


Also, check out our audition tips section to find out why you might need new sheet music!

16 Bar Top 10

1. Just Dance by Lady Gaga

2. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

3. Earth Angel - The Penguins

4. So What - P!nk

5. Hot n Cold - Katy Perry

6. Up On The Roof - James Taylor

7. Dancing Through Life - Wicked

8. Dancing Through Life - Wicked

9. Rods Christmas - Avenue Q

10. Only Angels Know - Ned Harris

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