Audition Tips

Auditioning in New York City, or any other city brimming with talent to be a performer is a very difficult undertaking. And while having an overall triple threat talent is a great thing to start with, its not everything. Often knowing someone or going to the right school that can establish quick connections for you is a great way to start. But many actors do not have all the connections, and must start from the bottom to get to the top. Here are a few suggestions regarding the music...


  1. 1. Having great sheet music is key; often in large equity calls you are hardly being noticed. Companies will send production interns, who are likely even younger than you to see you audition. These calls are to filter through lots of actors, and a small lucky (or talented amount) will be able to get through to the agent-call, where many people are submitted for casting by agents. This is not even considering if you are Non-Union, in which case given the volume of Equity actors, a wait of 5 to 7 hours is likely for a 16 Bar audition.

2. If you read the breakdowns in Backstage or, you will frequently see Bring a brief piece showing range. This doesnt mean bring any old piece of sheet music, it means bring it, period. You really do have to catch their attention with a piece that captures your range. While some actors translate this into meaning that they have to scream at the top of their lungs at the casting person, it is better to pick a piece that demonstrates your range, not your lack of it. This is why custom sheet music in the key that you need is very advantageous.

3. So many actors choose the same sheet music over and over again. Its not really their fault. Current and fresh sheet music is hard to find. Its not too hard to figure out while you are waiting for an audition what songs are overdone, you will hear the repeats through the door. It has been documented that after a song has been heard 3 or 4 times by a casting director, they start to get really bored and cease to pay attention. The worst repeats are often the Pop/Rock auditions because it is genuinely difficult to find good current pop songs for a 16 Bar audition.


4. Suppose you want to audition for a call that asks for 80’s rock music and you want to do a song by Journey. Not only will every guy actor there be singing Open Arms, but you will likely have to buy a $35 book just to get one Journey song and likely the other half of the book will be songs you are not even interested in performing.


5. Going to an audition that requires harder to find material is also a problem that our site hopes to solve for you. Often calls will ask for a 16-bar Comedic piece. Many actors just go into the audition doing something upbeat but not really comedic. Why? Because its hard and annoying to go all the way to the store, find the right sheet music, and then pay $35.00 for the book with a bunch of songs you do not want. Country music is another hard one to find.


These are just a few reasons why you should peruse our library and see if we have something that could help you at your next audition. All sheet music is a very affordable $4.99, and is something you will have in your book for years!

Audition Tips