Welcome to CCMP’s Music Transcription Site. I offer the unique service of transcribing or arranging music by ear and delivering it as sheet music. I am a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a concentration in Vocal Performance. If you are a singer or teacher in need of sheet music, send an email my way.

Using Finale I am able to:

  1. Create professional, easy to read music

  2. Send you back a file in an Adobe .PDF File

  3. Send you a MIDI or .MUS file

  4. Transcribe your hand-written score

  5. View examples of my work here!

Having your own unique sheet music is invaluable. Often recordings do not have corresponding sheet music, leaving you frustrated if you require a specific piece for a performance or audition. My service is a lifesaver for actors and singers. In a short timeframe, I’ll transcribe a 16 to 32 bar audition piece of any song of your choice. Having a variety of new and interesting songs in your audition book can keep you looking fresh in front of casting directors. Feel free to email me anytime at with questions or to get started!

My rates are negotiable and I accept PayPal.